Dutchtronix scope clock on vintage Sony Tektronix 323

Posted on 21 Dec 2010 00:43

I got this cool vintage oscilloscope. Not only is it in good shape for its age, but it's also tiny—about 8 inches wide.

My Dutchtronix scope clock looks pretty good on it too!

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Magic Eye VU meter!

Posted on 13 Dec 2010 22:16

I got this cheapo Chinese 6E2 magic eye module in the mail this morning. It works great!

There is a kit that has an integrated rectifier for 220VAC power. I didn't get that one. I got the DC kit, and instead of AC input, I made an all-DC power circuit that takes 6.3V input to drive the filament, and also drives a boost converter to 200V to power the target and the triode. That way, I can make a nice little box for it that plugs into a wall wart without having to fuss with AC power and regional standards and all that.

Update: The tube really likes 300V a lot more than 200V. I'm redoing the power circuit to accommodate.

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