Finished IN-16 nixie tube email counter

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Posted on 17 Oct 2010 23:26


This nixie tube counter displays the count of my gmail inbox. For a sense of scale, the counter is mounted on top of a 22 inch computer monitor, attached by a velcro strip.


The top of the case is a little scratched from the build process, so I'll make another one soon (I have about ~100 such cases).


The module on the left is a $2 PL2303 USB serial adapter from ebay, which supplies both 5V power and instructions from the computer. The module on the right is the high-voltage anode driver for the nixie. The chip in front is an Atmel AVR attiny2313. The nixie tube is a Soviet IN-16, brand new from old stock. The cathode driver for the nixie is a Soviet K155ID1 (74141 clone) and is mounted underneath the tube.

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