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I got the retro-MICR clock working with the attiny4313! This was not an entirely straightforward process, as the '4313 is a newer part and tool support is catching up.

The attiny4313 is the new big brother of the venerable attiny2313. It features double the flash at 4K bytes and double the SRAM at 256 bytes, which is enough to make C programming a reasonable choice.

In order to get the new part working, first I had to manually update the avrdude config file (avrdude.conf). I just copied the attiny2313 entry and edited the signature and the flash memory size parameters.

Second, you have to make sure you have a clean installation of a very recent AVR toolchain. I had an older, locally-built binutils in my path and it really hosed things up. You can build and install images for the 2313, but it won't initialize memory properly if you use more than 128 bytes.

Finally, I had to rewrite some things in order to shoehorn the code written for the atmega8 into the much smaller attiny4313. But it turned out great, with no significant loss of functionality.

I'm really digging the 4313, it's a super useful chip for hobby engineering.

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