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I returned from traveling to find all of the parts I need to complete my nixie counter project had been delivered. So, I connected the tube to my new Russian 74141 nixie driver clone, which really is a handy part, as it's hardly more than a set of high-voltage NPN transistors in a DIP package. Then, I hooked up a microcontroller, an ATtiny2313 to…control it. I picked the 2313 because of the hardware UART, and it has enough IO pins to drive the 74141, drive a couple of extra NPNs for the decimal point elements, do serial communication, and PWM the boost converter.

From here, I'll finish the project in three phases:

  1. A fully functional breadboard circuit, using the nixie power module I got from John Taylor.
  2. Same breadboard circuit, using PWM boost converter.
  3. PCB circuit and finished aluminum case.

Next up is the comms interface for (1) and the software to feed it my inbox count.

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