Most of these projects aren't terribly ambitious, just fun things you can build without a lot of time and expense.

Magic Eye VU Meter
I'm making a standalone stereo VU meter from a pair of surplus "magic eye" vacuum tube signal level indicators.

IN-9 neon bargraph audio level meter
While there are a number of IN-9 designs on the Internet, this one is exceptionally simple due to the judicious use of an 8-pin microcontroller.

2.4GHz ISM band RF Spectrum Analyzer
This is an RF spectrum analyzer of the 2.4GHz ISM band, based on scanning the RSSI reading of an inexpensive radio module. Many radio modules require you to make a connection to another transceiver on a channel before reading signal strength, but a few like the CYWM6935 let you measure the channel without making any connection. That is the feature we exploit here.

IV-4 / IV-17 VFD Tube Clock
This is an attempt to cram a 6-digit 18-segment VFD tube clock onto a pair of breadboards.

Vfd Tube Email Counter
This is an email inbox counter, using a single IV-6 VFD tube.

Noritake GU311 Clock
An animated digital clock, made from a Noritake GU311 Vacuum Fluorescent Display.

Nixie Tube Email Counter
This is an email inbox counter, using a single IN-16 nixie tube.

A portable graphics library for small monochrome graphic displays, written in Python.

Internet Alarm Clock
This Internet alarm clock was sort of like a cross between a Chumby and a Squeezebox. Except that we made it in 2000, and yes, it really worked.

OpenWRT router with status VFD
I had tangled with Broadcom-based routers before, but this project was just for fun.

Wireless RSS Ticker
The fat antennas behind it are actually belong to the router on the other side. The ticker's antenna is the thin black line on the right.

Freespace Motion Controller
Everybody got all excited when the Nintendo Wii controller debuted, but I worked on accelerometer-based freespace controllers ten years prior. Perhaps we were a little early…

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